Textile Haus X Nin Studio


The “lover” or “mondola” story invites us as viewers and wearers to recall the lost parts

within ourselves and become a whole once again. To re-connect with the god and godess

and invite them to take their rightful throne of harmony within.

It is here at this point that we take the first step towards healing, to do the inner work of

looking inward. This is a story about uncovering the parts of ourselves that are

veiled, the parts that have been suppressed and morphed.

The collection endeavors to question the cultural projections of

masculine and feminine roles surrounding us. It aims to liberate the wearer from these limitations

allowing union between the light and the dark, form and spirit, sun and


Mandola: The shape of the almond/oval represents the piecing together of two sides to

allow for existence in the centre of the almond shape where balance resides… in the heart.

The linking together of the masculine (right) and feminine (left) sides to create a structure

of balance.

This project is a union of body and mind to deliver something from our souls. Textile Haus

in collaboration with Nin Studio bring you a piece of art that will whisper to its

surroundings - the marriage of opposites await within.